USS Golden Gate : NCC-2562

The USS Golden Gate is the largest Star Trek™/Science Fiction Fan Club based San Francisco, CA, with members all over the world, on the West Coast. Our Motto is "Live Long and Party On, Dudes!" We are looking for more members to have fun with in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Membership to the Golden Gate is free.  We ask that you join STARFLEET for a minimum of $5 for Individuals and Families starting at $10, and choose the USS Golden Gate as your Chapter. Come have fun with us in the Bay Area!  Above you will find links to our activities and history.

Chapter meetings occur monthly, currently on Zoom on the second Sunday at 2:00 PM PT.

STARFLEET: The International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc. (STARFLEET) is expanding into your area. STARFLEET is the oldest and largest  fan-run organization in the world, and we'd like you to be part of it. What is a Fan Association? We are a network of fans all around the world that share one key interest: our appreciation of Star Trek™.

What is STARFLEET? It is a group of about 5000+ people that has banded together to have fun, enjoy Star Trek™, and help their communities in the process. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, we are also the largest fan-run fan club in the world.

STARFLEET organizes itself into chapters, each bearing the name of a different starship. These chapters gather on a local level, have parties, meetings, plan events and perform community service. We also provide online streaming of our meetings.

STARFLEET gathers its chapters into twenty regions that can pool their resources. Friendship and cooperation extends across states and provinces, and even nations.

If this sounds like something that you are interested in, you can find out more information by selecting their logo above.

Welcome to our group

Live Long and 
Party on, Dudes!